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Teknik Döküm was established in 1977 as a casting workshop for jewelers. Based on the experience gained in this field it started to manufacture jewelry machinery and equipment in 1985 in order to increase efficiency in production processes. In the same year, it became the Turkish representative of Italian CEIA, one of the world's leading companies specialized in magnetic field. In 1987, Teknik Döküm held the Jewelry Casting Seminar for the first time in Turkey. Introducing its designs abroad at exhibitions Teknik Döküm made its first export to America in 1988. In the following years it established many jewelry workshops at home and abroad and exported to more than 40 countries. Teknik Döküm has contributed to the development of the jewelry sector in Turkey with ongoing seminars, educational and training activities.

In the 1990s, Teknik Döküm stepped into the security sector with CEIA’s focus on the production of security metal detectors. In 1997 it became the Turkish dealer of Smiths Detection (HEIMANN), one of the world's leading X-Ray manufacturers, and supplied security systems for building and facility entrances, especially at airports and passenger control points.

With the rapid growth of the aviation industry on a global scale in the 2000s, Teknik Döküm tried to expand its production activities in this field. By developing systems for rapid conveying of suitcases, bags and packages, it offered solutions to improve the throughput eliminating passenger jamming at checkpoints. By developing its own automatic tray return system in 2014, Teknik Döküm installed its first automatic tray return system working in full compliance with x-ray unit at an airport in South America in 2017.

Today, Teknik Döküm continues its activities for the Jewelry, Security, Food Safety and Aviation sectors and continues to serve with its products and service in many countries from Chile to Australia, from Nigeria to Russia.